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Nursery Ministry

Nursery Ministry

Vision Statement

The Temple Rock Nursery Ministry is dedicated to loving Christ, serving children, and touching the world by planting seeds in each child through Biblical lessons taught in unique and creative ways. We believe every child can experience the wonderful love of God in the Nursery Ministry.

Nursery Ministry

Mission Statement

• To introduce young children to the love of Jesus Christ through scriptures, worship music and creative arts and crafts.
• To work alongside parents encouraging the importance of bringing the children to the Nursery to provide the family an opportunity to grow together spiritually.
• To teach each child that they are small roots and that one day they will be planted trees bearing good fruit.
• To provide a clean, safe and caring environment staffed with loving teachers and helpers.

Children's Ministry Director

Veronica Perez

Meets every Sunday Morning at 9am and 11am
Meets every Wednesday at 7:30pm