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Temple Rock Security Ministry

1 Chronicles 9:22-23 (ISV)

22 All these, who had been set apart as gatekeepers at the entrances, numbered 212 and had been enrolled by genealogies in their villages. David and Samuel the seer installed them in their positions of trust, 23 so they and their descendants were in charge of the gates of the house of the LORD, that is, the House of the Tent, as guardians.

Temple Rock Security Ministry

Mission Statement

The Temple Rock Security Team is a group of volunteers, “Guardians” (1 Chronicles 9:22-23), who are designated to provide safety and security to those who worship our Lord Jesus Christ at Temple Rock Community Church.
Our mission is to develop a strategic foundation of security and protection against known and unknown threats to the church congregation and staff during regular services and special events. The security team will establish and ensure effective guidelines are in place to secure tithes/offerings, special guests, children’s ministry, etc.

Temple Rock Security Ministry

Our Purpose

The Temple Rock Security Team will strive to meet or exceed all professional expectations and obligations. We are honorably dedicated to achieving the mission of providing a peace of mind to those that call Temple Rock Community Church their home.

Temple Rock Security Ministry

The Vision

The Temple Rock Security Team will cultivate and establish a worry-free and safe environment so those in attendance can enjoy their worship experience.

Security Director

Armando Maldonado